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1、我知道自己的无知,我知我无知。I know my ignorance, I know my ignorance。

2、知道的越多,才知知道的越少。only know know know, the more the less。

3、认识自己,方能认识人生。Know yourself, in order to know life。

4、未经审视的生活是毫无价值的。An unexamined life is not worth。

5、1暗恋是世界上最美丽的爱情。1 unrequited love is the most beautiful love in the world。

6、最热烈的爱情会有最冷漠的结局。The most passionate love will be the end of the cold。

7、教育不是灌输,而是点燃火焰。Education is not taught, but the lighting flame。

8、人可以犯错,但是不可犯同一个错。Man can make mistakes, but do not make the same mistake。

9、我平生只知道一件事,我为什么是那么无知。I've only know one thing, why I was so ignorant。

10、男人活着全靠健忘,女人活着全靠牢记。Man alive all by forgetfulness, woman alive on remember all。

11、知足是天然的财富,奢侈是人为的贫穷。Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty。

12、男人靠健忘活着,女人靠牢记活着。Keep in mind that keeps men rely on memory alive, alive。

13、想左右天下的人,须先能左右自己。Think about all the people, must first can control yourself。

14、想起来,我还欠某人一只雄鸡未还。Come to think of it, I still owe someone a cock also。

15、凡是原本可以做得更好的,也算是懒!Who could have done better, also be lazy!

16、我去死,你们去活,究竟谁过得更幸福,唯有神知道。I go to dead, you go live, who had more happiness, only god knows。

17、只期盼少许,才能接近最高的幸福。Looking forward to a little only, to close to the highest happiness。

18、告诉我你的朋友,我就知道你是什么样的人。Tell me about your friend, I know what kind of person you are。

19、好习惯是一个人在社交场中所能穿着的最佳服饰。Good habit is a person can wear the best clothes in the social field。

20、德性就是知识或:美德即知识,愚昧是罪恶之源。Virtue is knowledge or: virtue is knowledge, but is the source of evil。

21、最有效的教育方法不是告诉人们答案,而是向他们提问。The most effective education method isn't tell people the answer, but ask them。

22、我不是给人知识,而是使知识自己产生的产婆。I don't give a person knowledge, but to make the midwife who knowledge produce。

23、我非常清楚地知道,我并没有智慧,不论大的还是小的都没有。I know very well, I don't have wisdom, no matter big or small all have no。

24、谦逊是藏于土中甜美的根,所有崇高的美德由此发芽滋长。Humility is hidden in the sweet root in the soil, all the virtues of noble vitrue grows。

25、好的婚姻仅给你带来幸福,不好的婚姻则可使你成为一位哲学家。A good marriage bring you happiness, only a bad marriage can make you to become a philosopher。

26、对作家来说,写得少是这样的有害,就跟医生缺乏诊病的机会一样。For writers, write less harmful, just like doctors lack of appeal of the opportunity。

27、纵使富有的人以其财富自傲,但在他还不知道如何使用他的财富以前,别去夸赞他。Even wealthy people pride in its wealth, but he didn't know how to use his wealth in the past, not to praise him。

28、我与世界相遇,我自与世界相蚀,我自不辱使命,使我与众生相聚。I met with the world, I from phase erosion in the world, and I, make me together with all life。

29、要想向我学知识,你必须先有强烈的求知欲望,就像你有强烈的求生欲望一样。If you want to learn knowledge to me, you must first have a strong curiosity, like you have a strong desire to survive。

30、如果把世上每一个人的痛苦放在一起,再让你去选择,你可能还是愿意选择自己原来的那一份。If the pain of every person in the world put together, let you choose, you may prefer to choose their own original portion。

31、任何确实的实验都说明,任何一种生理或心理的疾病都能靠吃素和喝纯水而减轻病情。Any do experiment shows that any kind of physical or mental illness can drink vegetable diet and pure water and reduce the disease。

1、不要靠馈赠来获得一个朋友。Don't try to win a friend by gift。

2、我像一只猎犬一样追寻真理的足迹。I like a hound to pursue truth。

3、我们的需要越是少,我们越近似神。We need more is less, the more we approximate god。

4、不懂得工作真义的人,视工作为苦役。Don't know the real meaning of work, treat work as slavery。

5、没有人因为知道了善而不向善的。Because no one know the good and not for good。

6、我们的需要是越少,我们越近似上帝。Our need is less, the more we similar to god。

7、问题是接生婆,它能帮助新思想的诞生。Problem is a midwife, it can help the birth of new ideas。

8、你是为了吃饭而生存,还是为了生存而吃饭呢?Are you live to eat, or eat to live?

9、我只知道一件事,那就是什么都不知道。I only know one thing, and that is what all don't know。

10、世界上最快乐的事,莫过于为理想而奋斗。The happiest thing in the world is to struggle for the ideal。

11、神灵为自己保留了那对于最为重要的东西的认识。Keep the gods for yourself for the most important thing。

12、每个人身上都有太阳,主要是如何让它发光。Every man has the sun, the main is how to make it shine。

13、教育是把我们的内心勾引出来的工具和方法。Education is our inner seduce out of tools and methods。

14、我比别知道得多的,不过是我知道自己的无知。I don't know much, but I know his own ignorance。

15、爱情犹如麦地里采麦穗,弄不好就会空手而归。Love is like in the wheat grain, lane is bad to can return empty-handed。

16、知足是天赋的财富,奢侈是人为的贫穷。Content is the wealth of talent, luxury is artificial poverty。

17、我不只是雅典的公民,我也是世界的公民。I'm not just the citizens of Athens, I also am the citizen of the world。

18、如果我能忍受了自己的老婆,也就能忍受任何人了!If I can stand his wife, also can tolerate anyone!

19、德行就是知识或美德,即知识愚昧是罪恶之源。Virtue is knowledge, or virtues, namely knowledge ignorance is the source of evil。

20、坏人活着是为了吃与喝,而好人却是为了活着才吃与喝。The bad guys live to eat and drink, and a good man is to live to eat and drink。

21、在这个世界上,除了阳光、空气、水和笑容,我们还需要什么呢!In this world, in addition to sunlight, air, water and smiling face, what we need!

22、在你发怒的时候,要紧闭你的嘴,免得增加你的怒气。When you are angry, want to shut your mouth, lest increase your anger。

23、思想应当诞生在学生的心里,教师仅仅应当像助产士那样办事。Thought should be born in the mind of students, teachers should only act as midwife。

24、未经审视的生活是毫无价值的或:一种未经考察的生活是不值得过的。An unexamined life is not worth or: a kind of life is not worth living without inspection。

25、分手的时候到了,我去死,你们去活,究竟谁过得更幸福,唯有神知道。It's time to break up, I go to dead, you to live, who had more happiness, only god knows。

26、在死亡的门前,我们要思量的不是生命的空虚,而是它的重要性。At death's door, we should consider not the emptiness of life, but its importance。

27、真正高明的人,就是能够借助别人的智慧,来使自己不受蒙蔽的人。Really smart people, is to be able to use other people's wisdom, to make themselves against blind person。

28、一个人能否有成就,只看他是否具备自尊心与自信心两个条件。A person can have achievement, only look at two conditions whether he have self-esteem and self-confidence。

29、逆境是人类获得知识的最高学府,难题是人们取得智慧之门。Adversity is the highest institution of higher learning, human knowledge problem is that people get the door to wisdom。

30、时间到了,我们各走各的路,是活在这个世上好还是死了好,只有神知道答案。We are on our different paths when the time came, is to live in this in this world good or death, only god knows the answer。

31、这个世界上有两种人,一种是快乐的猪,一种是痛苦的人。做痛苦的人,不做快乐的猪。There are two kinds of people in the world, is a kind of happiness of the pig, is a kind of pain。 Do the pain of people, don't do happy pigs。

1、爱是春暖花开时对你满满的笑意。Love is blooming for you full of happiness。

2、五月万枝榴花照眼明,枝间时见子初成。Thousands of may pomegranate eyes bright, branches into early you then the son。

3、那盛开的花朵儿,不正像一张张美丽可爱的脸儿吗?The blooming flower bud, not just like every beautiful and lovely face?

4、溪上新荷初出水,花房半弄微红。The stream water at the beginning of the new lotus greenhouse half reddish。

5、喇叭花举起紫红色的大喇叭,好像在吹着一支好听的晨曲。Amaryllis raise purple loudspeakers, as if in blowing a nice alba。

6、不是花中偏爱菊,此花开尽更无花。Is not a preference chrysanthemum flowers, the flower blooms do no more。

7、黑玫瑰如同闪亮的珍珠,在夜光中绽放着无言的尊贵。Black roses, like a shining pearl in the luminous noble blooming in silence。

8、石竹花从纷乱的杂草中探出头,它们粉红色的笑脸真好看!Pink from the chaos of the weed out that's a nice pink smiley face!

9、田野里,一片红艳艳的紫云英,像燃起的熊熊火焰。In the field, a piece of red clover, like the blazing fire。

10、开花时节,白的,紫的,粉的,水红的,姿色秀丽。The flowering season, white, purple, pink, hot pink, beautiful appearance。

11、蓓蕾有几分苦,待到花开满枝香。Bud is somewhat bitter, until fragrant flowers blooming branches。

12、朵朵吊钟花,挂在翠绿的叶子间,火烤一样红艳耀眼。Countless bellflower, among the green leaves, like fire red glare。

13、瑰花很鲜艳,红中泛白,呈胭脂色,像小女孩的脸,那么可爱。A rose flower is very bright, red white, a rouge color, like a little girl's face, so cute。

14、可爱的玫瑰花呀,像一团团燃烧着青春的火焰,个个都是那样的红,那样的美!O lovely rose, like clouds of youth burning fire, everyone is so red, so beautiful!

15、啊,牵牛花开了。六角形的花,像个小酒杯,在阳光的照耀下显得更加显眼夺目。Ah, morning glory。 Hexagonal flower, like a small glass, the sun appears more prominent。

16、微风过处,那碧绿的随风起伏,就像一位舞女在摆动她那美丽的长裙。Breeze, the green wind ups and downs, like a dancer in a swinging her beautiful dress。

17、殷红的玫瑰馥郁芬芳,铺成通往教皇厅华美娇艳的地毯。Deep red rose fragrant fragrance, spread into the carpet to the Pope hall colorful delicate and charming。

18、满塘的荷花荷叶,远远望去就像碧波上荡着点点五颜六色的帆,煞是好看。Pond lotus lotus leaf, which looked from a distance like blue waves in little colorful sails, and on it。

19、鸡冠花,远远看去红得像一团火。走近一看,嗬,朵朵都像大公鸡头上的红冠子。Cockscomb, far look like a red ball of fire。 Approached a look, wow, blossoming like a big cock head red comb。

20、它那一片片椭圆形的叶子,一朵朵美丽的花儿,都在金色的阳光中点头含笑,好像在欢迎你。It pieces of oval leaves, yellow flowers, in the golden sunshine nodded with a smile, as if in welcome you。

21、喇叭花的叶子碧绿碧绿的,稠密得很,远远看去,就像一匹绿布挂在空中。Morning glory leaves luxuriantly green, very dense, distance, like a green cloth hanging in the air。

22、望着色彩艳丽的一大片樱花,我真怀疑是九天仙女把撕碎的彩缎撒向人间。Looking at the colorful a large cherry blossom, I really doubt is nine days fairy put shredded color satin sprinkled on the earth。

23、月季红艳艳的花儿在枝头怒放,颜色是那么浓,那么纯,没有一点杂色,简直像一团燃烧的火焰。Chinese rose red flowers in full bloom in the branches, the color is so strong, so pure, no noise, like a burning flame。

24、粉红的桃花,雪白的梨花,娇艳的海棠花,笔盈盈地竞相怒放。Pink peach blossom, white pear flower, delicate and charming Chinese flowering crab-apple, ying ying to compete to in full bloom。

25、如玉的白玫瑰冰雪纯洁,闪烁着月光般寒冷的色彩玫瑰乱舞,勾勒出你的身形,你的容貌。Jade snow pure white roses, shimmering moonlight bleak color roses flurry, the outline of your body, your appearance。

26、一簇簇鲜艳的花朵,聚集在叶片下,犹如无数只蝴蝶,微微张开翅膀,停在空中,凝然不动。Clusters of bright flowers, gathered together under the blade, like countless butterflies, slightly open wings, parked in the air, my day-dreaming gaze。

27、您瞧那盆水仙花,花盆里的水清亮亮的,叶子绿盈盈的,花儿白丝丝的,恰似凌波仙子在水上漂浮。You see the daffodils, the water in the pot clean bright, green leaves ying ying, white silk flowers, like narcissus beauty floating on the water。

28、花盆里。有一株茂盛的郁金香。绽开的花朵是黑色的。微微四散的花瓣如同黑色的丝绒。散发出阵阵清香。The flowerpot。 A strain of the lush tulips。 Bursting flowers are black。 The scattered petals slightly as the black velvet。 Send out a blast a faint scent。

29、玫瑰花在秋季开花,开时足有手掌那么大。一朵朵含苞欲放的玫瑰花如同娇羞妩媚的少女,笑脸含春,喜迎游人。Rose blooming in the autumn, when open with the palm of your hand。 Yellow rose bud like the charming charming girl, smiling face with spring, welcome visitors。

30、那株紫丁香到了暮春,满树便开出字色的小花,那话并不艳丽,想笔尖大小,绽放开来,却纯净雅洁,犹如一片紫色的迷离的雾。The strain of lilacs in the spring, full of trees then leave word color floret, that is not gorgeous, want to tip size, bloom, but pure and graceful, like a piece of purple mist blurred。